Friday, April 26, 2013

A Child Renewed

The gift of being able to change a person’s life through one’s abilities is truly the most rewarding.  I feel very privileged to have the career that I do.  One of the most remarkable individuals that I have been able to help is Mostyn.  He was 7 years old when he first came to me.  Mostyn had been seeing a Pediatric Urologist as well as a Pediatrician.  He suffered from bladder spasms causing him to have great difficulty holding his urine.  Tests showed that he wasn’t able to empty his bladder completely.  School was a challenge for Mostyn for fear of embarrassment.  He also suffered from chronic constipation.  Any stools he had were the size of a pea.  X-rays showed that he was impacted throughout the colon pushing under the ribs.  The constipation caused Mostyn chronic cramping.  He was on Miralax for the constipation with no benefit as well as two prescriptions for the bladder urgency with little improvement as well.  Add to all of this he had no energy.  After school he was very tired and would just plop on the couch.  By 6:30 he was asleep yet he would wake up still tired.  His parents were greatly frustrated.   

A friend of Mostyn’s grandfather was a client of mine and suggested seeing me.  Although the trip was nearly 2 hours his mother was quick to bring him to me in hopes of getting some relief.  The first colonic was successful in eliminating quite a large amount of hard stools and loads of gas.  Relief from suffering was already in the making!  Six days later I saw Mostyn for his second colonic.  His mother reported that he had not complained of any abdominal pain that week and that she had decided to take him off of the Miralax. She was giving him my privately owned probiotic, Quintestinal, twice a day to restore the friendly bacteria in his intestines.  The colonic was again productive and when he returned a third time, a week later, his mother reported that he was having daily bowel movements as well as more energy and a good appetite.  His father was so amazed by the energy of his son that he came for the next colonic to check out what was making such a difference.  He had been under the assumption that his third son’s nature was that of a couch potato.  Now Mostyn was getting up from bed before the rest of the family with boundless energy.  Soon after this appointment, Mostyn’s bladder urgency was gone.  

Before having colonics Mostyn had been scheduled for a follow up x-ray and ultrasound by his two doctors.  That time had come.  Would there be any difference?  Yes, greatly!  Both doctors were amazed.  Mostyn’s colon was clear of any impaction.  Gas pockets were gone.  One doctor wouldn’t accept the value of the colonics when Mostyn’s mother told her what they had done.  This was despite the obvious improvement seen on x-ray.  So sad!  On the other hand, the other doctor was thrilled and took Mostyn off of all the prescriptions noting that Mostyn was not having the urination urgency as before and he looked so much better.  She asked multiple questions about colonics and wondered if they would assist her mother who was suffering from IBS.  She was indeed impressed!

Mostyn had always been a delight for me when he came for a colonic.  I loved his courage and enthusiasm.  I watched his personality become more alive as his health improved but I was unaware of his dreams until a year later.  Mostyn wanted desperately to swim and so he had joined the swim team at school but to no avail.  Every time he got into the pool he would succumb to abdominal cramping or felt the urge to urinate so he would have to stop.  This all changed once he had colonics.  He tried again and to the amazement of his school he was the fastest swimmer they had ever had!  He loves to swim!  So do I, so I can relate, but not to his abilities.  Within a year he was contacted by a traveling independent swim team to swim for them.  His speed had been noticed.  He has continued to excel in swimming to the point that at 10 years old he competes only against high schoolers and almost always comes in first.  This includes 18 year olds that are at least 30% taller than him!  He has great endurance too.  He recently did a swim marathon against high schoolers and was the last ‘man’ standing after swimming for nearly two hours!  His future goal, you guessed it, he wants to beat Michael Phelps’ records.  He says he wakes up everyday with that dream.  You go Mostyn!  I am so proud of you!

Yes, it truly is a privilege to be able to change someone’s life and make such a difference.  I am very grateful to have this opportunity to help people.  In addition, I often develop a bond with my clients that is very endearing.  Many people would say that my choice of living is very peculiar but no, it is quite the opposite.  How many individuals can say they feel such satisfaction with their career as I do?  There is definitely more happiness in giving than receiving.