Thursday, September 19, 2019

Are All Colon Therapists the Same?

I have been a certified colon therapist for over 30 years yet it would surprise many that initially after having my first colonic I would tell anyone that thought of getting a colonic to definitely not do it.  I was very emphatic as I felt I was preventing them from going through the horrible experience I had.  This went on for nearly 9 years until I was convinced through my husband to give it another shot.  If it had not been for him I feel I would surely have been dead by now.  Let me explain why I was so passionate against colonics. 

My mother-in-law was someone I could confide in and so after a year of marriage I told her how miserable I was with constipation.  I had actually suffered since I was just 6 years old to the point of taking laxatives.  By 8 years old my appendix was removed having almost ruptured due to the impacted feces.  By my late teens I was diagnosed with a spastic colon, now called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

My mother-in-law was sure she had the solution I needed.  It was 1980 and we lived in Chicago.  She took me to a woman that did colonics out of her basement.  I had nothing to compare her with but from the start I was very uncomfortable.  We walked down the stairs to a typical Chicago basement, concrete floors, ceiling with ductwork exposed and no windows.  We sat on metal folding chairs in front of a wall that went up only 3/4 of the way towards the ceiling.  A woman came out the door of the room behind and simply said, “Next.”  She didn’t even know my name nor care to know it.  She told me to undress, lay on the table and cover myself with the sheet.  The table was next to a water heater and a furnace.  She began the colonic.  She didn’t speak to me other than to say, ‘roll over,’ and ‘you sure are constipated.’  I was extremely intimidated and miserable.  Due to having a spastic colon this situation made my colon all the more jumpy.  I was in quite a lot of pain, something that I learned later shouldn’t be the case with an experienced colon therapist.  I was on the table only about 20 minutes with very little release of waste.  She said no words of what to expect or to take probiotics, etc.  I paid her and left.  For the next 3 days I was stuck in bed due to awful flu-like symptoms, body aches and terrible cramping.  She had filled me up with water allowing for toxins to be stirred up and then reabsorbed by my body.  Everything about this first experience was horrific, thus I was determined to prevent others from experiencing it.  Yet, as is still true today, one incompetent colon therapist doesn’t mean all are incompetent. 

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of seeing a doctor or dentist that was not good at her profession.  Or what about massage therapists?  Don’t get me started!  I have had ones that stirred up my body so bad I cried afterwards while others relieved any pain and made me feel like I was walking on clouds.  So why are colon therapists not viewed the same?  I think it has to do with the oddity of the profession.  In any case, believe me when I say, we vary greatly!  Both by method, there are 3 different ones, each greatly different from one another, and by individual.  

The bad experience I had in 1980 didn’t go without its benefits.  When I decided to go to school to become a certified colon therapist in 1989 I already knew what NOT to do.  This has translated into all 3 of the offices I have run my business from having lots of natural light.  I have never had a basement dungeon to hide out of sight.  We shouldn’t be ashamed of the natural process of elimination.  But of course privacy is of utmost importance.  The client needs to feel comfortable, peaceful, safe.  Additionally it’s important for the therapist to be passionate about being a colon therapist or else how could she truly care for people with the love and tenderness necessary to aid the client in feeling at ease so their colon can be relaxed for the process.  This is more important than one may realize and is why from the very beginning I have always sat down with my clients at their first appointment to go over their history and discuss how colon therapy can benefit them.  This 30 minutes of extra time is essential for me to know the person and for them to feel comfortable with me. 

I enjoy the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives.  This translates into keeping well informed and up to date with the latest information related to GI health.  I have furthered my education through seminars and workshops to allow me to help individuals with more complex problems.  Anyone with a passion for their profession would do the same.  I wonder sometimes, how old will I be when I call it quits?  I can’t imagine not helping people.  It’s what I love to do.  

So please, in choosing a colon therapist do the same detective work you would do in choosing a doctor, a mechanic, a contractor.  Have they been trained by an accredited colon therapy school?  Are they truly certified?  What is their office environment like?  Do they use proper sterilization?  

Our health is the most important possession we have.