Saturday, October 23, 2010

Linking Breast Cancer and Colon Ecology

Colon therapists have for decades been preaching the relationship between a poor microbial colon ecology and cancer.  Most people would not think that breast cancer would come under this category taking into account its proximity being far from the colon, but this is not the case.  Keep in mind that our circulatory system carries the same blood supply to all of our organs and thus they are all connected.  There was an article in the Medical World News, Feb. 1st, 1982, pg. 72 that connected constipation to breast cancer.  Also in that year the Saturday Evening Post reprinted an article from the Lancet in which two physicians, Nicholas L. Petrakis and Eileen B. King of the University of California found the same link.  These doctors studied the breast aspiration of 5,000 women and were able to link constipated women with a high percentage of abnormal (dysplastic) cells giving them a higher than average future risk for breast cancer.

Well that was nearly 30 years ago.  Yesterday I came across an exciting study being done by Rush University Hospital in Chicago.  I urge you to follow this website, it may save your life or someone you love.

Researchers are again finding a link between cancer and the colon; the organ people would rather not talk about.  It is truly exciting!  Yes, I knew this long ago and have been sharing this information with my clients for over two decades.  My education taught me this initially but most importantly my experience has proved it.  I have seen dozens of breast cancer patients in my office.  To my great joy these women have had wonderful outcomes.  The doctor’s diagnosis in most of these were not good, but the doctors became amazed at how well their patients recovered.  They were originally not optimistic that the chemotherapy would result in a total remission.  Additionally, in my 21 years I have never had a client that followed through with occasional maintenance colonics, usually four a year, be diagnosed with cancer.  That is a big statement but it is true.  Now with this study the reasons for this are being made more aware.

One of my sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40.  This was 15 years ago.  As my last post showed, not all people, including some family members have regarded what I do for a living of any relevance.  She has been one of those individuals.  I am now 52 years old and although having a strong cancer heritage, including my sister, I have not had cancer.  I am grateful but at the same time I know it is not just a coincidence. 

For more understanding of the relationship between the colon’s bacteria ecology and our health please read my blog, “IBS, a Distressing Condition.”  Oh, and one more thing, TAKE YOUR PROBIOTICS!!!

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