Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Two 20 Year Olds Plus 20 Pounds

Let me share my experience of two 20 year olds, one male, and one female.  I met them a year apart.  Although they don’t know each other there are interesting similarities. 
When I first met Gwen she struck me as someone with great potential but was held down by a thick cloud.  She was 20 years old with her life ahead of her but she was dealing with several troubling issues that could hold her back. She had a rash over much of her body that was irritating and embarrassing.  She suffered from terrible fatigue although she was determined to continue college.  After three dermatologists and no answers she was told by a chiropractor that she should see a colon therapist.  The skin is the largest elimination organ of the body and so it tends to be one of the first that shows problems when the inside of the body is not right. For Gwen this was very true since she had a significant problem with constipation for many years.  The colon is the major elimination organ, which is quite obvious if you give some thought as to what should be eliminated from it daily.  
After my consult with Gwen and her mother she got ready in my colonic room.  I have a scale in the room for a client’s personal use and come to find out later she weighed herself before the colonic.  The colonic was incredible actually.  It was hard to imagine where all of the waste had been hiding in her slim, tall figure.  After we finished and she used the bathroom, she went back into the colonic room to dress.  She came out in shock.  She had weighed herself again and exclaimed, “Mom, I just lost 10 pounds!”
When Gwen returned for the second colonic her rash was no longer raised and the color had faded to a lighter pink.  She had a hopeful look on her face.  Between the two colonics she had a scheduled appointment at a new dermatologist.  This doctor took a skin graft of her rash but the results were not yet known.  We proceeded with the colonic and she lost another 3 pounds!  When I saw her for her third colonic, her rash had totally disappeared and her bowels were moving daily.  She clearly had renewed energy.  She was very pleased with her results, this despite the fact that she had finally been given a diagnosis by the new dermatologist.  She had sub acute cutaneous lupus with a precursor to systemic lupus.  This was especially dear to my heart since I too was diagnosed with lupus 25 years prior and had also dealt with constipation for most of my young life.  It was colon therapy that changed my life after I had tried numerous conventional and alternative methods.  It was clear that Gwen was not going to let this diagnosis define who she was and so she continued optimistic about her future.  I was very proud of her.  After her third colonic she lost 2 more pounds of waste and by the fourth colonic her bowels were moving after each meal, as a healthy person’s should. 
About 10 months after Gwen’s initial appointment with me she had a slight rash return on her nose.  One colonic and it was gone!  It has been three years since Gwen’s first colonic and I typically see her about once a year.  She continues to look the picture of health.  She recently graduated from nursing school with honors and has passed her exam for being a registered nurse.  Congrats Gwen!  You deserve it!  
I met Dustin a year after Gwen.  He too was 20 years old.  At first glance one would he think he was very healthy.  Dustin is a handsome, well built young man from years of working out.  But looks can be deceiving.  What is inside of a body tells a bigger picture and this was definitely true of Dustin. Two months prior to meeting him his parents had rushed him to urgent care due to extreme abdominal pain.  After an x-ray was taken the doctor told them that he was completely impacted with waste through out his entire colon!  The doctor gave him a prescription for a strong laxative and told him to also buy several Fleet enemas.  His aunt is a client of mine and so when she heard about the situation she recommended me.  The family decided to stick with the doctor’s recommendations.  One month later they called me.  Dustin had no results other than two small bowel movements in that entire month.  Due to my schedule I was unable to see him for another month.  When I finally met Dustin it had been two months since he was in the urgent care unit and was told he was totally full of waste and yet he had had only 4 small bowel movements!  Our work was cut out for us!  Dustin had other problems too.  He had chronic headaches and terrible insomnia yet he felt exhausted all of the time.  His diet leaved a lot to be desired as well.  He loved white refined bread and sugar and would chug energy drinks regularly as a way of getting some energy.  What he didn’t know was that these energy drinks were a great contributor to his constipation.  I explained that they are strong stimulants.  Laxatives are stimulants also.  If a person were to take a laxative regularly their colons would become lazier and lazier.  When he drank one of these energy drinks it would be as though he took a handful of laxatives.  He needed to drink water instead and lots of it.  He needed to be re-hydrated.  The energy drinks were actually dehydrating him.  I also needed to teach Dustin to strengthen his colon with a workout the same as he had done with the outside of his body.  The colon is a muscle too, and the way we give it a workout is with what we eat.  To do this he needed to avoid all refined foods, i.e. white stuff, and eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead.
Dustin’s first colonic showed that the waste in him was very hard and compacted from his severe constipation.  There was a need for much softening by water with the colonics to remove all of the waste, so he would need to have another colonic within a day or two to continue the work we had started.  I saw him the next day.  It was this day that he had decided to weigh himself before and after the colonic.  Like Gwen, he came out of the room afterwards and exclaimed, “I just lost 10 pounds!”  He also said he felt a lot of relief. 
After Dustin’s third colonic he lost 3 more pounds of waste, again just like Gwen. I still am amazed that both of these slim people tucked all of that waste in their bodies.  One could never of known this by looking at them.  Within three weeks Dustin’s insomnia was gone and his energy was much better.  His bloating was totally gone as well.  Gas causes bloating.  Bloating is caused by putrefied, fermented waste, sort of like a chemistry lab brewing in the gut.  No wonder Dustin ended up in an urgent care unit!  Two weeks later he told me his energy was “great.”  Now I love to hear that!

Like Gwen, Dustin had a great drive to succeed in his studies in college but his body was trying to hold him back.  He mustered the strength to continue despite this but his situation had come to a grave point.  I feel very privileged to have been a part of both of these special young people’s lives, aiding them to reach their goals.  Dustin is now a graduate of the police academy after finishing his schooling in criminal science.  I am so proud of you Dustin.  (Please don’t pull me over if I am speeding, you owe me one.)


  1. So interesting, as well as inspiring. I'm trying to find friends to come with me to Hawaii for "Hawaiian colonic trip", Gailla. :-)