Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Colon Therapy...Our Day Will Come!

In the nearly 24 years I have been a colon therapist I have watched my profession treated positively and negatively off and on. I am always glad to respond to clients and potential clients regarding negative feedback they have heard.  The negative ideas are easy to explain away because they have no basis.  If a person wanted to learn about jet engines would they go to a english teacher to learn?  Of course not!  So to learn about what colon therapists do, one needs to go to a colon therapist to learn.  A phone call can dispel any misconceptions and allay any fears.  It is encouraging that many physicians are not as opposed as they once were towards colon therapy.  Hopefully they will continue to learn the facts behind what we accomplish.  It is also encouraging that four hospitals in the US are now implementing colon therapy prior to performing colonoscopies.  Here is a YouTube video showing one of these hospitals. 

Yet we have a long way to go.  Colon therapy is not given the recognition it deserves.  Some claim that there is no documental proof.  I have often said I wish they would knock at my door and ask about what colon therapy has done for the people I have helped.  Many of my clients have told me of their own accord that they want to share their story of renewed health to back up the benefits of colon therapy.  Well, I am happy to announce that that day may soon come.  Recently I was contacted by a film producer, Julie Tyle, about a film she is producing for the very reason I have outlined in this blog.  Hurray Julie!!  She has been compiling accounts of clients as well as interviewing physicians from all over the country for the last 18 months.  These include GI specialists at Mayo Clinic and elsewhere.  She has also interviewed doctors from other fields including a holistic dentist that has proof of the validity of colon therapy as well as renowned scientists.  And yes....she interviewed me and two of my clients, one an 11 year old boy and his mother.  I will tell his story in a future blog to come soon.  I can’t thank Julie Tyler enough for the tireless hours she has put into this much needed endeavor. The film will take many more months to put together cohesively.  We will wait patiently for that day when the public can get the whole story as it deserves!  You can learn more about the film at:  For more details click on Newsletters on the top of the page. Please check it out!
Thank you as always for reading.
Gailla Deiters


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    You have tried your best to clear the misconceptions about the colon therapy, i hope more n more people will become aware..

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  2. I wish I'd discovered colon hydrotherapy sooner than I did. I foolishly suffered through the laxative prep for my first two colonoscopies. I also had a lower GI x-ray (barium enema), and the nurse doing the test told me about the colonic prep. She swore by them as being as effective or better than laxatives. I told my wife about it, and she also knew about colon hydrotherapy. I'm like "now you tell me." I set up an appointment with Ami Beach in Hartford before my next colonoscopy, and the prep worked flawlessly. No one should have to put up with a time consuming and uncomfortable laxative prep, when a gentle 45 minute colonic can get better results. And it's at best no more embarrassing having it done than the test it's meant to prepare you for.