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Fungal Overgrowth including Candida is a Real Problem!

For more than 2 decades I have seen many clients that have issues with chronic sinus infections, bronchial infections, as well as skin problems such as rashes that despite having seen multiple physicians in various specialities have had no improvement but to the contrary have only gotten worse.  I typically find that these clients’ problems manifested shortly after taking an antibiotic, often times a broad spectrum.  Through the course of observation with symptoms, history and what is excreted during the colonic we decide to take the approach of addressing a possible overgrowth of fungus typically candida.  These health problems are not the only way a candida overgrowth problem can be exhibited but for the sake of this blog we are focusing on the above issues.  

The client also takes a questionnaire that gives more of a picture of what symptoms as a combination can be attributed to candidiasis.  The next approach is to explain a yeast free, sugar free diet so as to starve the candida.  It is interesting to note that candida is often a normal resident in the colon but in small quantity and should be kept under control by a healthy amount of beneficial bacteria that far exceeds any bad bacteria present in the gut microbiome.  Yet, antibiotics, steroidal drugs, poor diet, constipation, genetics, birth control pills, and stress are some factors that can cause an imbalance of this important balance.  

It is also necessary for the client to take a product that kills candida throughout the body as it has gone beyond the gut mucosa into the bloodstream and has infiltrated other areas of the body not intended to deal with it such as the nasal passages, skin etc.  I often meet people that have followed the diet and have taken a product  to overcome candida overgrowth but are not successful.  This is because the origination point of the problem was not addressed, which is the colon.  Colonics are a very important aspect of getting the candida overgrowth under control.  The microbiome needs to be changed to a healthy one by removing excess bad bacteria and fungus harboring mucous that resides in the colon.  It’s important to aid the colon so that it is not a place for the candida to proliferate.  Along with this it is vital that the person takes refrigerated probiotics since for the candidiasis to exist there has to be a large deficit of beneficial bacteria in the microbiome.  You can find high quality probiotics here:

What I discovered over several decades has FINALLY been acknowledged by the medical profession.  This is amazing since I often have clients that are told by their physician that candida is not an issue. 

Here is the recent Medical News link: 

Here is some research this article points to: 
"Inadequate attention is paid to fungal infection as the cause of antibacterial treatment failure," the authors, members of the Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections (GAFFI), write in a call for improved fungal disease diagnosis."
“Inexpensive, rapid diagnostic tests are available for important fungal infections but are not being widely used, Perlin said. Better training is needed to encourage health care practitioners to test for fungal infections so the correct drugs are administered.”

Some of the shocking consequences of this lack of simple testing is noted:
  • “Many people diagnosed with tuberculosis of the lungs don't have TB…but are treated ineffectively with costly TB drugs. A simple antibody test can pick up the fungus Aspergillus which can be treated by antifungal drugs rather than unnecessary antiT antibiotics.”
  • “Inaccurate diagnosis of fungal sepsis in hospitals and intensive care units results in inappropriate use of broadspectrum antibacterial drugs in patients with invasive candidiasis, fungal infections caused by yeasts.”
  • “Fungal asthma is often misdiagnosed as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)  and treated with antibacterial drugs and steroids. Of more than 200 million asthma sufferers, an estimated 6 million to 15 million have fungal asthma.”
  • “Fungal infections, often undiagnosed, result in 1.5 million deaths a year. GAFFI launched in 2013 to promote global awareness of fungal disease as a major cause of deaths worldwide.”
Concerning the skin another recent Medical News article has more to say of interest.  Here is the link:

“Evidence supporting a key role for an altered gut microbiome in the development of atopic dermatitis (AD) would suggest that the use of probiotics or prebiotics to correct microbial imbalances in the gut could help prevent or treat AD.”

 The article ends by stating:
“Recent studies have demonstrated links between an aberrant gut microbiome and the development of atopic dermatitis. Given the significant impact of atopic dermatitis on quality of life and healthcare utilization, studies examining the potential role of therapeutic manipulation of the gut microbiome for either the treatment or prevention of atopic dermatitis is an important focus for future research.”

This article’s research proves the importance of the gut microbiome and skin disorders.  This is also why I continue to help individuals with so many issues that may not seem to be colon related but indeed are.  It’s a shame it has taken so long for the medical community to recognize it.  The real issue though is how many physicians will read and acknowledge these studies. 

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